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    Admission Process

    The length of stay at Holgate House is between three to twelve months. Reviews are carried out every three months with the resident, funding officer and the resident’s key worker at Holgate House.

    The philosophy at Holgate House is the 12- step abstinence based programme; using recovery dynamics, group sessions, 1-1 sessions with their key worker. Extended care move on house help with college, education and voluntary work.

    The bedrooms consist of 1 single disabled, 5 single, 6 double and 1 temporary overflow bedroom. All bedroom (apart from 1 double and a single – which share a bedroom) have an en-suite.

    House Expectations

    During your stay at Holgate House we expect you to follow a set code of conduct. This is in place to help reduce friction between individuals, encourage a positive and pleasant stay for everyone.