Aims & Objectives

Our Objectives

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Holgate House aims to provide a safe alcohol and drug free environment. This enables the resident to become totally abstinent, and so enjoy an improved and fulfilling lifestyle, without alcohol and drugs.

The treatment will involve an assessment, and psychological evaluation, enabling us to provide a structured and disciplined care plan, tailored to the individual’s needs. This will empower the resident to develop responsibility, self-confidence, and the ability to manage their own lives.

By offering support and encouragement, the resident will be able to create their own independence, choice, and have freedom from alcohol and drug dependence; thus allowing for successful dealings with normal life.

The resident will be able to create his or her own independence and successfully deal with normal daily life. The client will be encouraged to contribute to their rehabilitation, and develop awareness of addiction and it’s effects to an individual. Residents’ privacy and dignity are respected with the provision.

The Unit’s Objectives

Social Skills

To provide help in which residents can develop existing life social skills and remedy skill deficiencies.

Personal Development

To assist in the resident’s personal development and encourage self-esteem. Also, to reach specific coping strategies.


Offer help in ways that respect the individuality of each client and their race, culture, religion, disability and sexual orientation.